Junior Bridging Poem – (FREE PRINTABLE ACTIVITY)

Girl scout bridging is a rite of passage celebrated with a special ceremony for younger scouts transitioning to the next level in their scouting journey. Celebrating the transition into junior scouts is an important part of the girl scouts tradition, and one great way to commemorate their achievements is with a poem! Here is an easy-to-use junior bridging poem that you can freely print and use for your bridging ceremony.

Junior Bridging Poem

Happily I danced and skipped,

As I was a Daisy and Brownie Scout.
I stayed staying true to myself,
And my beliefs without a doubt.

I have prepared myself to move on,
To seek new opportunities and goals.
With courage and new friendships,
I’m ready to take on the junior roles.

Printable Activity

You can use this poem at your junior bridging ceremony to remind the girls of all the amazing experiences that they have had thus far as girls scouts, and to encourage them to continue working hard and developing themselves as young leaders. To make it even more special, you can print out a copy of the poem for each scout or decorate it with fun colors and drawings. To download and print out the junior bridging poem, click here!

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