The Welding merit badge provides Scouts an opportunity to explore the exciting world of welding. Scouts will develop an understanding of welding safety, welding machine operation, shielding gases, and welding and cutting metals. With the knowledge gained, Scouts will be able to further their career in welding and fabrication.

Welding Merit Badge Requirements:

  • Explain safety rules for using welding equipment
  • Identify common types of welding machines and discuss their uses
  • Demonstrate knowledge in using shielding gases
  • Explain the differences between brazing and silver soldering techniques
  • Explain the differences between oxy-acetylene and arc welding
  • Explain various welding processes including gas welding, shielded metal arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding
  • Demonstrate the ability to weld using various welding processes
  • Explain the need for and use of an adequate welding helmet and safety glasses
  • Show how to properly care for and store welding equipment

Welding Merit Badge Worksheet:

The worksheet is designed to help Scouts organize notes, listen actively to the counselor, and document their work. Scouts should use the worksheet to confirm with their counselor that they have completed all requirements.

Download the Welding Merit Badge Worksheet

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  • Metalwork Merit Badge
  • Machining Merit Badge
  • Welding Merit Badge Pamphlet
  • Eagle Scout Rank

Welding Resources:

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