UConn Map PDF – Free Downloadable PDF (PRINTABLE)

UConn Map PDF – Free Downloadable PDF (PRINTABLE)

Are you looking for a map of the University of Connecticut (UConn) main campus in Storrs? You can get a free downloadable PDF version of the UConn map in just a few steps. This printable map can be useful for anyone who is visiting the UConn campus or for those who just need a quick reference to check on the location of different buildings.

Downloading UConn Map PDF

The first step to getting your UConn Storrs Campus Map PDF is to go to the UConn Storrs Campus Map Page on the UConn website. This page provides a downloadable PDF version of the UConn Storrs Campus Map. The PDF file can be downloaded and saved on your computer or printed directly from the web page. Be sure to read the terms of use before downloading or printing the map.

Using the UConn Map PDF

Once you have the PDF file of the UConn Storrs Campus Map, you can use it to find the locations of different buildings on campus. The PDF map contains the locations of academic buildings, dining halls, athletic facilities, and more. The map legend on the right side of the page provides an explanation of each symbol used on the map.

Additional Resources

If the PDF map doesn’t provide enough detail, the External Mapping Resources page from the Regional Planning Agency can be used to find more detailed maps of the UConn campus. The UConn Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC) also provides downloadable PDF and TIFF maps.

If you want to view a more interactive map of the UConn campus, you can visit the UConn Map page which contains an interactive version of the UConn Storrs Campus Map. This interactive version of the map provides more detailed information, such as building hours and contact information.

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