Truck Transportation Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

Are you interested in learning how to safely operate and maintain a truck for transportation? You can earn the Truck Transportation Merit Badge by meeting the requirements and completing the accompanying worksheet.


  • Explain what a commercial motor vehicle is and why it is regulated by the federal government.
  • Describe the major components of a truck.
  • Describe the rules governing weight and size of commercial motor vehicles.
  • Discuss the importance of safety inspections, pre-trip inspections, and post-trip inspections.
  • Explain the importance of knowing and following the laws pertaining to driving a commercial motor vehicle.
  • Describe the consequences of breaking the laws.
  • Explain the importance of proper vehicle maintenance.
  • Describe the responsibilities of drivers when it comes to safe vehicle operation.
  • Explain different types of cargo securement.
  • Identify and explain the importance of traffic signs, signals, and markings.


Print out the Truck Transportation Merit Badge Worksheet and complete all the tasks listed in the worksheet. Make sure to get a supervisor or another qualified person to review and sign off on each task.


Earning the Truck Transportation Merit Badge will help you become a safe and responsible truck driver and operator. Make sure to follow all the requirements and complete the accompanying worksheet in order to earn the badge.

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