Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge (WORKSHEET AND MORE)

The Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge is an important badge for Boy Scouts as it helps them understand how to respect the environment and conserve our natural resources. This badge teaches scouts the importance of soil conservation, water quality management, and resource management in their daily lives. In order to earn this badge, scouts must learn a variety of skills related to soil and water conservation.

The first step in earning the Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge is to download and complete the official worksheet. This worksheet is available online and it can be found on the Boy Scouts of America website. The worksheet will require scouts to demonstrate knowledge in a variety of areas, such as soil erosion and runoff control, water conservation strategies, and sustainable land management. Scouts must also complete one or more of the following activities: participate in a soil conservation awareness program, design an erosion control plan, create a water conservation plan, or design a land management plan.

In addition to completing the worksheet, scouts must also complete certain tasks to earn their badge. Scouts must conduct an “environmental stewardship project” that will demonstrate their understanding of soil and water conservation. This project must be documented with photo and written evidence, such as a before and after report. Examples of projects may include implementing an irrigation system, planting a garden, or collecting rainwater. Scouts must also visit a water treatment facility and learn about the water conservation process.

In order to complete the Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge, Boy Scouts must demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of soil and water conservation through the successful completion of the official worksheet and the “environmental stewardship project”. Scouts should keep in mind that earning the Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge is a great way to serve the environment while earning the title of “Environmental Steward.”

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