In Order To Adhere To Academic Integrity Guidelines

Maintaining academic integrity and avoiding dishonesty in academic assignments is essential in any educational environment. With the widespread availability of resources online, it has become easier to access information to use in assignments. However, it is important to refrain from using this information without giving due credit or applying it without properly understanding it. Following the guidelines below can help you adhere to the principles of academic integrity and maintain honesty and excellence in your work.

1. Use Legitimate Sources

When completing school assignments, it is important to use legitimate sources for information. Refrain from using sketchy websites that are difficult to verify or may provide false information. It is better to use reliable and trusted websites such as those provided by universities, government agencies, or reputable organizations. Websites that provide primary sources are also highly recommended.

2. Follow Appropriate Citation Guidelines

All work should be properly cited depending on the style guide used. The most popular citation formats include MLA, APA, and Chicago. Different universities may provide specific guidelines for formatting papers, citing sources, and listing references. Make sure you use the correct citation format for any information used in your assignments. Not citing sources properly is a form of plagiarism and can result in serious consequences.

3. Understand and Internalize Your Work

In order to adhere to academic integrity guidelines, you must not copy or replicate the work of others without understanding it. All work should be your own, and you should be able to explain the concepts you use in your paper. Understanding and being able to explain the theories and principles you use in your assignments is essential in developing your knowledge.

4. Seek Help When Needed

It is important to seek help when you need it. If you are stuck on a topic, ask your professor for guidance or speak to a tutor for clarification. Refrain from asking for help from peers or online sources, as this can be considered cheating. Additionally, if you need help with formatting or writing, use the resources available on campus such as the library and writing centers.


In order to adhere to academic integrity, it is important to use reliable sources for information, follow citation guidelines, understand and internalize your work, and seek help only from legitimate sources. These steps will help ensure your work is honest and of the highest quality. Maintaining academic integrity is essential in any educational setting and will help you develop your knowledge and skills.

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