Which Of The Following Is Not A Characteristic Of Pure Capitalism?

The term “pure capitalism” is used to describe a form of economic system where goods and services are produced and exchanged within a free market system without restrictions from government intervention. Typically, the following characteristics are associated with pure capitalism:

  • Private ownership of the means of production
  • Free market system
  • Absence of government intervention
  • Competition
  • Profit motive

However, one characteristic that is not associated with pure capitalism is resource redistribution. Resource redistribution is a process in which the government uses its available resources to provide more equitable access to goods and services. This form of intervention in the market is in direct conflict with the ideals of pure capitalism, where individuals are allowed to freely compete and purchase goods and services without government interference.

In conclusion, while private ownership of the means of production, a free market system, absence of government intervention, competition, and the profit motive are all characteristics of pure capitalism, resource redistribution is not.

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