Girl Scout Junior Badges – Complete List Of Every Badge (JUNIORS)

Girl Scout Junior Badges – Complete List Of Every Badge (JUNIORS)

Girl Scout Junior Badges – Complete List Of Every Badge (JUNIORS)

Being a Girl Scout is a great way to have fun, stay active, learn new skills, and make lifelong friends. By earning badges, girls can recognize their achievements and explore new topics and hobbies. The Girl Scouts have developed a wide range of badges for Juniors – and we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of every badge available!

Air Force Pride Badge

This badge honors the courage of women in the Air Force who serve in the mission of defending freedom and keeping peace around the world. To earn the badge, Juniors investigate women serving in the Air Force and investigate the history and science behind air and spacecraft.

Agent of Change (Junior Journey)

The Agent of Change Junior Journey equips girls with leadership skills that will help them take action on issues that matter to them. As part of the journey, girls explore different levels of leadership, identify ways to voice their opinions, and learn what it means to be a leader in their communities.

Animal Helpers Badge

This badge teaches girls about animals and their habitats, and helps them gain appreciation and respect for animals in their communities. Girls can earn the badge by exploring the impact of people on wildlife habitats, learning to use humane methods for resolving conflicts between humans and animals, and understanding the importance of animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Art in the Wild Badge

Juniors learn to appreciate the beauty of nature through art with this badge. Girls can earn the badge by creating nature-themed artwork, visiting a local park or nature area, and investigating the artistry of natural forms like plants, landscapes, and wildlife.

Downloadable Activity Plans

Juniors can explore more subjects and activities with the downloadable activity plans from the Girl Scout Junior Planning Guide. Girls can find activities related to topics like nature, outdoor activities, art, STEM, and financial literacy. With the guide, girls can develop their skills, knowledge, and values to become brave, bold leaders.

For more information about the different badges and awards available for Juniors, visit the Girl Scouts’ website:

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