Senior Girls and Cadette Meeting Ideas – (TIPS AND GUIDELINES)

Senior Girls and Cadette Meeting Ideas – (TIPS AND GUIDELINES)

Girl Scouts is an important and valuable experience for young girls of all ages. It’s important for seniors and cadettes to have engaging and meaningful experiences during their meetings. Here are some tips and guidelines for planning great meeting ideas that will help your senior or cadette Girl Scouts get the most out of their experience.

1. Establish a Theme

When planning a meeting, it helps to have an overarching theme to guide all the activities. Establish an overarching theme for your meeting and then connect each activity to the theme. Make sure that each activity works together to reinforce the overarching message of the meeting.

2. Choose an Educational Activity

Educational activities are a great way to reinforce the theme and impart valuable knowledge. It could be something related to the theme of the meeting or something entirely different. If you don’t have any particular topics in mind, consider using educational resources like the Older Girls Resource Packet or the Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador First Four Meetings document found in the provided web search results.

3. Make it Fun

Girl Scouts should have fun during their meetings. Sure, there should be a focus on learning, but it’s important to also incorporate some fun activities. If you’re having a virtual meeting, you could try activities like virtual Armpit Fudge or Treats in a Mug as suggested in the provided web search results. Or, plan a scavenger hunt or other fun activities that will help build comradery between the scouts.

4. Connect with the Community

Encourage your scouts to connect with their community by planning activities that embrace the community and give back. You could volunteer together at a local food bank, or plant trees at a local park. Your scouts could also create a community service project, or organize a donation drive, to help those in need.

5. Encourage Leadership Skills

It’s important to give your girls the opportunity to practice leadership skills. You could have them lead a discussion on a particular topic, or assign each one a leadership role to take on during the meeting. Encourage them to be creative and to take initiative when it comes to solving problems and coming up with solutions.

6. Be Open to Ideas

When planning a meeting, don’t be afraid to be open to ideas from your scouts. Encourage them to come up with their own ideas for activities and invite them to share their ideas. After all, the more input your scouts have in the planning process, the more ownership they’ll feel over the meeting, which can lead to more meaningful experiences.

Planning a meeting for senior girls and cadettes doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By keeping these tips and guidelines in mind, you can make sure your meetings are engaging, educational, and fun.

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