Accommodation Refers To The – (FIND THE ANSWER)

Accommodation Refers To The – (FIND THE ANSWER)

Accommodation Refers To The Adjustment and Modification of Existing Schemas

The term “accommodation” is rooted in the psychological theories of Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget. In Piaget’s cognitive developmental theory, accommodation refers to the adjustment or modification of existing schemas, or ideas, in response to new information or experiences.

Accommodation is based on the idea that knowledge is constructed from the individual’s own experiences and that these experiences must be “accommodated” to build new schema. For example, if a child has a schema that friends are always nice, then a bad experience with a friend may cause them to modify their schema and accommodate to the experience by deciding that some friends can be mean. This focus on knowledge construction is what sets accommodation apart from other psychological theories.

In the classroom, accommodation refers to the adjustment of the learning environment to meet the needs of the student. This may include providing additional or alternate materials or instruction to students who may struggle with certain concepts, allowing students to work in pairs or small groups to support each other, or using technology to provide a visual or auditory explanation of a concept.

Accommodation is an important cognitive process and an effective strategy for learning in the classroom. By recognizing and understanding the need for adjustment or modifications of existing schemas, educational professionals can support their students in gaining a better understanding of the material. By providing students with the support and scaffolding they need to learn and construct knowledge, they are better able to achieve academic success.

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