Mitosis Worksheet PDF

Mitosis Worksheet PDF

Mitosis is the division of a single cell into two identical daughter cells with the same genetic information, and is a key part of the cell cycle. Mitosis is a highly complex and coordinated process that requires careful coordination of multiple stages. In this article, we explore what exactly happens during mitosis, and how you can use worksheets to better understand the process.

Overview of Mitosis

Mitosis is the process of cell division during which a single cell divides into two genetically identical daughter cells. This process occurs in response to growth or repair of the cell. During mitosis, a cell replicates its genetic material and distributes its duplicated DNA, organelles, and other components to each of the two daughter cells.

To better understand the stages of mitosis, it can be helpful to use worksheets. The provided link to a Mitosis Coloring pdf is a great worksheet that provides a visual representation of the four stages of mitosis, and the key terms for each stage. Similarly, the Mitosis Video Worksheet provides questions related to the stages of mitosis, and the Mitosis Worksheet 2 provides an overview of the process and key terms.


The first stage of mitosis is prophase. During this step, the nuclear envelope of the cell breaks down and the chromatin (made up of tightly coiled DNA strands) forms into chromosomes. These chromosomes are then visible under a microscope. Additionally, the spindle fibers, which are part of the cytoskeleton, form and attach to the chromosomes.


The second stage of mitosis is metaphase. During this stage, the chromosomes become lined up in the middle of the cell. This process is considered to be the most critical stage of the entire cell cycle because the accuracy of this alignment determines how the chromosomes will be divided between the two daughter cells.


The third stage of mitosis is anaphase. During this stage, the chromosomes are pulled apart and pulled toward the opposite poles of the cell by the spindle fibers. This process is known as “disjunction” and is typically considered to be the climax of mitosis.


The fourth and final stage of mitosis is telophase. During this stage, the chromosomes arrive at the opposite poles of the cell and the nuclear envelope reforms around each set of chromosomes. The cells then enter cytokinesis, where the cytoplasm is divided into two daughter cells.

Mitosis worksheets are a great way to gain a better understanding of this complex and fascinating process. We have provided three links to Mitosis Worksheets PDFs above, each with its own unique set of information and questions related to the stages of mitosis.

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