What Are The Three Subtopics Of Legitimacy In Government



Legitimacy in government is an important concept as it allows citizens to understand the right of a governing system to create and enforce laws. It encompasses a series of aspects related to the acceptability of a government, and it is deeply rooted in societal values. Understanding the three subtopics of legitimacy in government is key for citizens to have an informed opinion on their country’s political system.

Acceptance of Political Decisions

The concept of legitimacy in government is closely linked to the acceptance of political decisions. People must believe that a given government has the right to create laws and that those laws should be respected. Legitimacy is also crucial for the acceptance of decisions taken by the government and the reinforcement of the rule of law. It is only when a government is accepted, respected, and trusted that people agree to obey the laws it creates.

Political Order

Legitimacy in government is also strongly related to the concept of political order. This involves creating laws that are accepted by the majority of people and having a government that has the right to make these decisions. Political order is a form of stability, allowing people to trust their government and its laws, further reinforcing the legitimacy of the system.

Form of Government

Finally, legitimacy in government is connected to the form of government. This refers to the structure of the state and its government, as well as the means used to make decisions. For a government to be considered legitimate, it must have a form that is accepted and respected by its citizens. It can also refer to the means used to exercise the power of the state, such as the adoption of democratic mechanisms.


In conclusion, there are three main subtopics associated with legitimacy in government. These include the acceptance of political decisions, the concept of political order, and the form of government. Understanding the various aspects of legitimacy is important for citizens to be able to trust and respect their government and its laws.

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