Girl Scout Law Song –

Girl Scout Law Song –


Learn the Values of the Girl Scout tradition!

The Girl Scout Law is a set of core values that all Girl Scouts should strive to live by. The song “Girl Scout Law” is a great way to help remember these important values.

The Song:

On my honor

I will try

To serve God and my country

To help people at all times

And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

This song is commonly sung by Girl Scouts of all ages. Learning the lyrics helps Girl Scouts remember and appreciate the values of the Girl Scout Law.

The Law:

The Girl Scout Law is composed of twelve values that guide the behavior of Girl Scouts. Here are the twelve values:

  • I will do my best to be honest and fair,
  • Be a sister to every Girl Scout,
  • Make the world a better place,
  • And use resources wisely.
  • Be responsible for what I say and do,
  • Be respectful and use self-control,
  • Be courageous and strong,
  • Care for the world and all its creatures,
  • Make each day better than the one before,
  • Share with others, without fear,
  • Be a leader and use my skills,
  • Laugh and sing and live with joy.

By learning and living by the Girl Scout Law, Girl Scouts of all ages can stay true to the important values that have been upheld by the organization for more than a century.


The Girl Scout Law Song is a great way to help remember and appreciate the core values of the Girl Scout Law. By learning and living by the twelve values of the Law, Girl Scouts can proudly uphold the traditions of the organization, both now and for years to come.

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