Contemporary Manufacturing Is Characterized By – (FIND THE ANSWER)

Contemporary Manufacturing Is Characterized By – (FIND THE ANSWER)

Contemporary Manufacturing Is Characterized By

Contemporary manufacturing is characterized by a range of machining and finishing processes, designed to create complex shapes in miniaturized products. It is also characterized by increased production paradigms, improved decision-making related to make or buy parts of products, and the use of advanced technologies.

Machining and Finishing Processes

Modern manufacturing processes use a variety of machining and finishing processes to create complex parts. This includes traditional machine tools such as milling, turning, drilling, and others, as well as more modern techniques such as electrochemical machining and laser cutting. These processes are used to shape, finish, and mold materials into complex parts that can then be assembled into the final product.

Increased Production Paradigms

Today, 5 production paradigms can be identified as current and with future potential. These include outsourcing production, total quality management (TQM), just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, lean manufacturing, and mass customisation. By adopting these approaches, manufacturers can achieve greater levels of efficiency and cost savings, as well as a higher level of quality.

Make or Buy Parts of Products

The manufacturing industries often need to make or buy parts of products, and the decision largely depends on the technology used and the scope of the product. If the manufacturing technology is established and the product is relatively simple, it may make more sense to buy parts of the product, rather than create them from scratch. However, when dealing with more complex products, it may be necessary to invest in the technology and resources to make the parts in-house.

Advanced Technologies

Advanced technologies have enabled manufacturers to produce higher-quality products with greater accuracy. Computers, robotics, data analysis, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the technologies used by manufacturers today. By leveraging these technologies, manufacturers can achieve higher levels of productivity and accuracy, as well as improved product quality.

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