Camping Merit Badge (Worksheet & Requirements)

The Camping Merit Badge is a badge earned by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that demonstrates a proficiency in camping-related skills. To receive this merit badge, Scouts must participate in a camp-out, plan a camp-out, and complete a worksheet demonstrating their knowledge of concepts related to camping, such as building a fire, pitching a tent, and cooking meals. This article will provide an overview of the worksheet and requirements for earning the Camping Merit Badge.

Camping Merit Badge Worksheet

The Camping Merit Badge worksheet, which is typically completed with the help of a merit badge counselor, is a document used to ensure that Scouts have acquired a basic level of knowledge on camping-related subjects. This worksheet focuses mainly on the building of a shelter, such as a tent, and the sanitation of the area. In addition to this, Scouts should be aware of the precautions they need to take when going on a camp-out, and the requirements for returning from camp in good condition.

Camping Merit Badge Requirements

Scouts must complete a variety of requirements to earn the Camping Merit Badge. These include setting up a tent and pitching it correctly, building a fire, preparing meals and snacks for two days, identifying local wildlife and plants, and first-aid for injuries while camping.


The Camping Merit Badge is a great opportunity for Scouts to demonstrate their knowledge of fundamentals related to camping. This article provides a brief overview of the worksheet and the requirements for earning the badge so that Scouts can begin their journey to Boy or Girl Scout mastery.

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