Cub Scout Skits – The Ultimate Collection of Skits (PRINTABLE PDF)

Cub Scout Skits – The Ultimate Collection of Skits (PRINTABLE PDF)

Cub Scouts are a wonderful part of childhood, and every youth in scouting should experience the thrill of a good skit. Skits bring fun and entertainment to any outdoor activity or camping trip, and can be used to teach valuable lessons, such as trust, respect, and teamwork. We’ve put together an ultimate collection of skits specifically tailored to the Cub Scouts that will help them learn and grow while having a good time.

Campfire Skits

These skits require minimal preparation and can be done a round a campfire. Most require only a few cub scouts, and all are sure to delight everyone. The skits can be downloaded as a PDF for easy printing and use.

  • Not Enough Parachutes Skit: In this skit, four scouts, including a pilot, a president, a scout, and the smartest man in the world, must figure out a way to make sure everyone has a parachute for a safe landing.
  • More Scout Skits: In this skit, two scouts with distinct appearances must figure out a way around a tricky predicament. This skit emphasizes trust and respect for others.
  • Bear and Tiger Skit: In this skit, two cub scouts roleplay as a bear and a tiger who must confront their differences and find a way to get along.
  • Signal Hill Long John Silver Skit: This skit requires the cub scouts to act out a classic pirate tale, featuring Long John Silver and the Signal Hill treasure.
  • Safety First Skit: In this skit, two cub scouts visit the future and learn about the importance of staying safe in the present.

To wrap up this ultimate collection of skits, we’ve included several additional skits that are perfect for cub scouts. Our skits are sure to bring hours of fun and laughter while teaching cub scouts valuable lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Thank you for using our ultimate collection of Cub Scout skits. With these skits, cub scouts can have fun while learning the important lessons of scouting.

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