Which Of The Following Was A Success Of The Carter Administration?

Which Of The Following Was A Success Of The Carter Administration?


Jimmy Carter’s Negotiation between Israel and Egypt at Camp David

One of the greatest successes of the Carter Administration was the negotiations between Israel and Egypt at Camp David in Washington. During the negotiations, Jimmy Carter managed to bridge the divide between the two countries, leading to the signing of the Camp David Accords in 1978.

This agreement represented the first ever peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country, and resulted in a lasting peace between the two nations. President Carter played the role of mediator, ensuring that both sides had equal opportunities to make their arguments and find a common ground. The result was an historic agreement that has lasted for over four decades.

The Panama Canal Treaties with the United States

In 1977, President Carter obtained two treaties between the United States and Panama that gave the latter control over the Panama Canal. This was an important step in ensuring that Panama was given the sovereignty of the Canal Zone, and was another great success of the Carter Administration.

The treaties stipulated that Panama would gain full control over the Canal Zone and its operations by the end of 1999, and has been largely successful in its implementation. As a result, Panama now has full control over the Canal Zone, and has seen increased economic growth due to it.

Leading a Coalition to Reduce Incidence of Guinea Worm Disease

One of the most impressive success stories of the Carter Administration is the global effort to reduce the incidence of Guinea worm disease. Through the Carter Center, a coalition was formed to combat the disease with the aim of eliminating it altogether.

So far, the coalition has been largely successful, reducing the incidence of the disease by 99.99%. This means that Guinea worm disease is likely to be the first human disease since smallpox to be eradicated from the world. This is a remarkable success that should be attributed to President Carter’s leadership of the coalition.

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