Consciousness Is To Unconsciousness As ________ Is To ________.

Consciousness Is To Unconsciousness As ________ Is To ________.

Consciousness Is To Unconsciousness As Awareness Is To Subconsciousness

Consciousness and unconsciousness are two distinct concepts, each with their own unique characteristics. Consciousness is typically defined as an individual’s awareness of their thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations, and environment. While unconsciousness, the opposite of consciousness, is viewed by many psychological scientists as the shadow of a “real” conscious mind. Furthermore, it has become increasingly evident that our conscious mind is not the only part of our thought process – there is also a subconscious.

The subconscious is the part of the human mind which is not consciously aware, yet still has a profound effect on our behavior and decisions. Despite its name, the subconscious is a powerful ally in our decision making process- it is where we make the majority of our decisions without ever being conscious of them. The subconscious allows us to draw on past experiences and information to make decisions in the present. Therefore, it is important to understand and acknowledge the impact our subconscious has on our behavior.

Consciousness and unconsciousness can be further explored by examining the difference between awareness and subconsciousness. Awareness, much like consciousness, is the individual’s knowledge of their environment. Associated with this is the ability to make logical decisions based on the information obtained. Subconsciousness, on the other hand, is the part of the mind which operates without the individual being fully aware. While awareness is consciously directed, subconscious processes are typically automatic and require no deliberation.

Ultimately, consciousness is to unconsciousness as awareness is to subconsciousness. Both consciousness and awareness are conscious processes, albeit of different depths, while unconsciousness and subconsciousness are unconscious processes that still hold influence and power over our behavior and decisions. In order to make the most informed decisions, we must recognize and understand the role that both our conscious and unconscious minds play.

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