Symbolism In Literature Worksheet PDF

Symbolism In Literature Worksheet PDF

Symbolism in literature can be used to enhance a story, poem, or play by adding layers of meaning and allowing readers to interpret the text in different ways. The use of symbolism in literature has been around since ancient times, with the first recorded use of it by Homer in the 8th century BC. Nowadays, symbolism is used in many different genres, and this explores some of the most common symbols used in literature.

This worksheet opens up with some definitions of key terms, including “symbol” and “symbolism”, and provides explanations of how symbols are used in literature. It goes on to provide examples of symbols from various literary works, explaining the meaning behind each one. These symbols include animals, plants, objects, and elements of nature. The worksheet also explains how symbolism can add depth and meaning to a text by providing readers with an alternate interpretation.

Next, the worksheet provides different activities to help students explore the symbolism used in a variety of texts. The first activity involves examining a text and identifying any symbols that are present. The second activity requires students to explain the meaning behind a certain symbol. Finally, the worksheet includes an essay-style question which allows students to explore the symbolism in a piece of literature in more depth.

By following the activities in the worksheet, students will be able to gain a better understanding of symbolism in literature. Furthermore, they will be able to apply this knowledge to their own writing, allowing them to create stories, poems, and plays with richer and more meaningful content.

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