The Buddy System Guide – (FREE PRINTABLE GUIDE)

The Buddy System Guide – (FREE PRINTABLE GUIDE)

The buddy system is an invaluable tool for scouts of all ages, as it provides an extra layer of safety and guidance when exploring and learning new skills. By following the steps of the buddy system, scouts can take comfort in the fact that they will always have someone to rely on. This guide will help your pack understand and implement the buddy system in your scouting activities.

What is the Buddy System?

The buddy system is a safety measure that ensures that scouts are never alone, so that in case of any problem there is always someone to provide assistance. The basic principle of the buddy system is that no scout is ever alone. Every scout must have someone with them, either a friend, a leader, or an assigned buddy. The buddy system is the responsibility of everyone in scouting – not only adults – and should be practiced whenever scouts are participating in activities.

Benefits of the Buddy System

The buddy system offers many benefits, including providing extra safety precautions for scouts, creating opportunities for learning and mentorship, and building stronger relationships among scouts. With the buddy system, scouts can also have someone present to help them practice setting goals and accomplishing tasks. By relying on each other, scouts gain confidence in their abilities and develop better communication skills.

How to Implement the Buddy System

The leader of the pack is responsible for making sure that the buddy system is implemented in every activity. Before the activity begins, the leader should assign each scout a buddy to stay with during the activity. The assigned buddy must stay with the scout for the entire duration of the activity. It is also important to assign buddies who are of a similar age, so that they can help and support each other.

It is also important to emphasize to the scouts that each buddy is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their assigned buddy. They should look out for each other and make sure that no one is ever alone. The leader should also provide instruction and guidance to the scouts on the buddy system, so that they understand it and know how to properly practice it.


The buddy system is an essential safety measure for any scouting activity. By implementing the buddy system, each scout has someone to rely on and stay safe with. This guide provided an overview of the buddy system, its benefits, and how to properly implement it for your scouts.

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