Projectile Effect Is A Hazard In (FIND THE ANSWER)

Projectile Effect Is A Hazard In (FIND THE ANSWER)

Projectile Effect Is A Hazard In MRI Fields

Operating rooms, pediatric units and emesis stations are all considered hazardous areas for any type of projectile, however the most hazardous environment of all for projectile impact is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) fields. This is due to the powerful magnetic field produced by the MRI equipment.

Any type of object that is ferromagnetic, such as tools, coins, cell phones, and even implanted medical devices, can become dangerous projectiles when it enters the MRI field. These objects can be thrown with considerable force and become fast-moving shrapnel that can cause serious injury to anyone within the vicinity.

It is important to keep the MRI field clear of any ferromagnetic objects and to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed in the MRI field. It is also important to use safety equipment such as protective goggles and gloves when entering the MRI field.

In order to keep personnel and equipment safe, it is essential to be aware of the projectile effect in MRI fields. Proper protocols should be in place to ensure that the MRI field remains free of dangerous ferromagnetic objects.

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