Electricity Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

Electricity Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)


The Electricity Merit Badge is an important part of the Boy Scout program, teaching Scouts about safety around electricity, as well as the working and usage of electrical devices. The requirement for the badge include completing an electrical home safety inspection, understanding electrical circuits and devices, and constructing and running a simple electric device. This article provides all the information necessary for obtaining the Electricity Merit Badge, including the worksheet and requirements.


To complete the Electricity Merit Badge, Scouts need to complete the worksheet. It can be found here. Scouts should complete the checklist found in the worksheet, and have a counselor approve it. The worksheet must then be filled out and its requirements must be fulfilled.


The requirements for the Electricity Merit Badge are as follows:

  1. Complete an electrical home safety inspection of your home, using the checklist found in the worksheet.
  2. Connect a buzzer, bell, or light with a battery. Have a key or switch in the line.
  3. Make and run a simple electric device showing a principle used in electrical appliances.
  4. Understand the safety precautions for dealing with electricity.
  5. Tell your counselor the three main components of a simple electric circuit.
  6. Demonstrate that you know how to safely and properly use electrical tools.
  7. Explain to your counselor the hazard that can result from overloading electric circuits.
  8. Do ONE of the following:

    • Visit an electric substation or generating plant and explain to your counselor what you saw.
    • Visit a business or industry that uses electricity and explain to your counselor what you saw.
    • Visit a public works department, and discuss with them current electrical power use in your home town.

These requirements ensure that Scouts have a solid understanding of electricity, electrical appliances, and how to use electrical tools safely. Once a Scout has completed these requirements, they will have earned the Electricity Merit Badge.

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