What is the Energy Merit Badge?

The energy merit badge is a badge typically earned by Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America. It helps Scouts understand the importance of conserving and using energy wisely. The badge requires Scouts to understand the sources of energy, the types of energy, and various energy conservation techniques.

Energy Merit Badge Worksheet

The Energy Merit Badge Workbook ( is a great resource for Scouts to use in preparing for the merit badge. The workbook helps Scouts organize their thoughts as they work towards meeting all the requirements of the merit badge.

Energy Merit Badge Requirements

The Energy Merit Badge pamphlet ( lists the specific requirements for earning the badge. The pamphlet covers the topics of energy sources, types of energy, and energy conservation, as well as other related topics.

Tips for Earning the Energy Merit Badge

The Energy Merit Badge Requirements ( provide some helpful tips for earning the badge. Consider the energy required for the things you do on a daily basis and brainstorm ways to reduce your energy consumption. Talk to your family, friends, and community members about energy conservation, and use the merit badge process to create a plan for reducing your personal energy consumption.


The Energy Merit Badge is a valuable badge for Scouts to earn. The Workbook and Requirements provide Scouts with the tools they need to understand the importance of energy conservation and the steps they can take to help reduce energy consumption. With the right resources and dedication, Scouts can earn this badge with ease.

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