The Aviation Merit Badge is part of the Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge series. It is designed to teach Scouts safety rules, regulations, and troubleshooting techniques related to aviation technology. With the Aviation Merit Badge, Scouts can gain valuable skills that will prepare them for future careers in aviation and related fields. The badge also serves to introduce them to the fascinating world of aviation. To earn the Aviation Merit Badge, Scouts must demonstrate their knowledge of aviation and complete all of the badge’s requirements.

Aviation Merit Badge Requirements

  1. Do the following:

    • Describe the types of aircraft, propulsion systems, and controls.
    • Explain the need for preflight inspections and safety checks.
    • Point out on a model plane the forces of lift, weight, thrust, and drag.

  2. For one hour, observe five aircraft in flight, and explain to your counselor how the forces of lift, weight, thrust, and drag are used in flight.
  3. Show a knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

    • A. N.
    • B. O.
    • C. P.
    • D. Q.
    • E. R.
    • F. S.
    • G. T.
    • H. U.
    • I. V.
    • J. W.
    • K. X.
    • L. Y.
    • M. Z.

  4. Do the following:

    • Explain the common fuel grades and octane ratings.
    • Explain the effects of weather on aircraft performance.
    • Explain what to do if lost in the air.
    • Explain the purpose of the aircraft communications and navigation systems.
    • Discuss emergency procedures, signals, and requirements.

  5. Describe two types of aircraft engines and explain how they work.
  6. Do the following:

    • Explain weight and balance.
    • Draw a course you have plotted on a chart.
    • Identify 10 aircraft engines used in general aviation.
    • Point out and explain the information found on an aircraft’s “data plate.”
    • Explain the differences between “VFR” and “IFR.”

  7. Do TWO of the following:

    • Visit an airport, an air traffic control tower, or an aviation museum.
    • Fly in an aircraft with a qualified safety pilot to demonstrate your knowledge.
    • Prepare a written report on a career in aviation and discuss it with your counselor.
    • Show a knowledge of aerodynamics.
    • Build and fly a rubber-powered model aircraft.

Aviation Merit Badge Worksheet

The Aviation Merit Badge Workbook can be a great help when completing the Aviation Merit Badge. It contains the majority of the requirements and gives Scouts an organized way to track progress towards completion. The workbook comes with helpful worksheets and information on the Aviation Merit Badge, such as aviation safety tips, air traffic control protocols, and more. The Workbook also includes a chart for keeping track of observations made while watching aircraft in flight.

The Aviation Merit Badge Pamphlet is also essential for completing the Aviation Merit Badge. The Pamphlet gives Scouts more detailed information about aviation and its related technologies. It also provides step-by-step instructions on each of the requirements.

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