Water Sports Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

Water sports merit badges are available through the Boy Scouts of America and can help scouts gain knowledge about swimming and other water sports activities. This article provides the requirements and worksheets for earning the water sport merit badge.

Merit Badge Workbook

The Troop 55 website provides a merit badge workbook for water sports that can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF provided. It includes detailed instructions on how to earn the water sports merit badge, including a list of requirements such as swimming and water safety. Scouts should ensure they read the workbook carefully before attempting to fulfill the requirements.

Swim Test Requirements

Before attempting to earn the water sports merit badge, scouts must successfully pass the BSA swimmer test. This involves jumping feet first into water over-the-head in depth and swimming 75 yards. Swimmers must also demonstrate that they can tread water for one minute, surface dive, and swim underwater for a distance of 15 feet.

Requirements for Earning the Merit Badge

Once the swim test has been completed, scouts may then proceed with the requirements for earning the merit badge. The requirements include understanding how to be safe in and around the water, how to handle a boat, and anatomy and physiology related to water sports. Scouts must also demonstrate their knowledge of water sports rules, safe practices, and first aid. Additionally, the scout must demonstrate their ability to teach a skill related to water sports to a younger scout.

Resources and Helpful Links

The Scoutshop website provides a digital download pamphlet for the Water Sports merit badge that includes everything needed to earn the badge. In addition, the U.S. Scouts website also has a merit badge workbook with detailed instructions. Scouts should use these resources as guides when attempting to earn the Water Sports merit badge.

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