Which Excerpt Best States The Central Idea Of The Second Paragraph Of The Dark Game?

The second paragraph of The Dark Game, written by Paul B. Janeczko, is a crucial part of the story as it explains the full details of the Civil War. The central idea of the paragraph emphasizes how the war lasted for four long years despite the hardships experienced by soldiers and civilians alike. In this excerpt, two options can be explored that best states this central idea.

Option A

The first option, as stated by Class Ace, is that the war lasted four years and was hard on those involved. This is best seen in the following phrase: “The war was long, four years from 1861 to 1865, and hard on everyone who was part of it.”

Option B

The second option is to consider what people believed about the war. As put forward by Course Hero, many people believed that the war was only going to last a short while. The excerpt provides a quote that reads: “Many people at the start of the war thought it would be over quickly.” This quote not only shows that people had the wrong impression of the war, but it also serves to emphasize that it was a much longer war than they thought it would be.

Both options, A and B, provide valuable insight into the central idea of the second paragraph of The Dark Game. It’s important to understand how the war lasted four long years, and how people were wrong in assuming it would be over quickly. Without understanding this, we cannot grasp the full impact of the Civil War on those involved.

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