Public Health Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

Public Health Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)


The Public Health merit badge requires understanding the core concepts of public health and its role in our lives. Knowing how public health can help us prevent and control illness is part of the badge’s requirement. Here we will explain the requirements and provide a worksheet to help you earn the badge.

Requirements and Worksheet

The Public Health Merit Badge includes the following requirements:

  • Explain what public health is.
  • Do the following:

    • Discuss the importance of safe drinking water in terms of public health.
    • Explain how Escherichia coli (E. coli), tetanus, HIV/AIDS, malaria, salmonellosis, and Lyme disease are contracted.
    • Explain the role of health care providers, government agencies, and community organizations in protecting public health.
    • Discuss the consequences of smoking.
    • Discuss the importance of immunizations.
  • Discuss the health risks associated with poor nutrition.
  • Discuss how community planning and zoning can affect public health.
  • Do the following:

    • Make a poster about public health.
    • Give a talk on the precautions you should take to avoid infectious diseases.

In order to help you meet the requirements for this badge, we have provided a worksheet. You should still read the merit badge pamphlet in order to fully understand the material.

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