Archaeology Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

Archaeology Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)


The Archaeology Merit Badge teaches Boy Scouts about the science of Archaeology and upon completion allows them to gain the knowledge of archaeological principles and processes. The Archaeology Merit Badge requirements are made up of three main points, visits to a museum to observe artifacts, present significant family history, and complete a few additional worksheets.

Museum Visit Requirements

The first requirement is for Scouts to visit a museum to observe how artifacts aid in conveying history. This entails consulting a museum or curator to gain a better understanding of how artifacts are used to gain information about cultures, time periods, and events that took place in our past. The Scout should make sure to take notes on their observations to present to their counselor.

Presenting Family History

The second requirement is to present a significant family history to their counselor. This entails researching an individual’s family history and presenting it to their counselor in a written form. The Scout should note any significant events or people that shaped the family’s identity, culture, or values.

Additional Worksheets

The third requirement is to complete a few additional worksheets. This entails completing worksheets pertaining to the topics of archaeology, such as identifying career opportunities, explaining how to prepare for a career in archaeology, or discussing the importance of preserving archaeological sites and artifacts.


By completing the activities required for the Archaeology Merit Badge, Scouts are able to gain an understanding of the science of Archaeology. They learn the importance of preserving archaeological sites and artifacts, and the impact it has on our collective knowledge of our past.

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