Outdoor Code – Boy Scout and Cub Scout Code (BSA)

Outdoor Code-Boy Scout and Cub Scout Code (BSA)

The Outdoor Code is an important part of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and Cub Scouts program. It is a code that encourages Scouts to do their best to be clean in their outdoor manners, conscientious in their actions, and helpful to others. Scouting members should take pride in their membership and behavior, and should strive to set an example for others.

Outdoor Code

  • Be clean in your outdoor manners.
  • Be careful with fire.
  • Be considerate in the outdoors.
  • Be conservation minded.

Respect for the Environment

The Outdoor Code emphasizes respect for the environment, and encourages Scouts to take on individual responsibility for doing their part to care for the environment. Scouting members should strive to know and understand the outdoor world, and to use resources wisely.

Exemplary Behavior

The Outdoor Code also promotes exemplary behavior. Scouting members should constantly strive to set an example for others, and feel proud of their participation in the program. They should also make good use of their Scouting skills and knowledge, and use their leadership abilities to the best of their ability.

Benefits of Following the Outdoor Code

By following the Outdoor Code, Scouting members can develop an appreciation for the environment and the outdoors, and can gain valuable life skills and experiences. As they discover and explore the outdoors, they can gain respect for the environment and for other people. Through their interactions with nature, Scouts can learn valuable lessons about self-reliance, leadership, teamwork, and respect for the environment.

The Outdoor Code is an important part of the Boy Scouts of America and Cub Scouts program, and should be taken seriously by every Scouting member. Following the code will help Scouts become responsible, exemplary citizens, and will provide a valuable foundation for future success and leadership.

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