The Archery Merit Badge is a great way for Scouts to gain proficiency and become familiar in the sport of archery. Scouts will learn about range safety rules, archery equipment, and the different types of archery. To complete this merit badge Scouts will need to complete the requirements outlined in the pamphlet, as well as complete the worksheet.


Archery Archery. Merit Badge Workbook is a great resource for Scouts looking to complete the worksheet for the Archery Merit Badge. This workbook can help Scouts work through the different requirements that must be completed. It is also important for Scouts to read through the pamphlet associated with the merit badge for a better understanding of the requirements and to understand the core elements of the game.


The requirements for the Archery Merit Badge are listed in the pamphlet ARCHERY MERIT BADGE SERIES. The requirements include several different lessons about the safety of archery, types of bows and arrows, and a practical demonstration of proficiency. Scouts must also practice archery at least twice and must demonstrate knowledge of the rules of shooting.

Safety Rules

Safety is always the top priority when it comes to archery, and understanding the safety rules is essential. Scouts should read the requirements in the pamphlet to understand the general safety rules, such as always using the proper protective equipment and never shooting at an unsafe angle. The Archery Merit Badge Helps and Documents resource is a great starting point for Scouts to familiarize themselves with these safety rules.


Completing the Archery Merit Badge requires Scouts to complete the worksheet, read through the pamphlet, be knowledgeable of archery safety rules, and demonstrate proficiency in the sport. By completing this merit badge, Scouts will be better equipped to participate in the sport of archery and understand the rules and regulations of the game.

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