UNC Thread Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

UNC Thread Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)


If you’re in need of a Unified National Coarse (UNC) thread chart PDF, you’re in the right place. We provide a free, printable PDF file that contains all the information you need to know about UNC thread sizes and tolerances, making it easy to find the right thread size for your project.

What’s Included in the Chart?

The UNC thread chart PDF contains information on the size, pitch diameter, and major diameter of common UNC threads. It also includes the different classes of fit that can be used to match external and internal threaded components. The chart is laid out in an easy-to-use grid-like format that makes it easy to quickly identify the thread size you need.

Why Use the Chart?

Using the UNC thread chart PDF can help ensure that you use the correct thread size when working with UNC threads. This is especially important when creating components that must fit together seamlessly – even small differences in thread size can lead to a poor fit or even to components not fitting together at all. By using the thread chart, you can double-check the size of any given thread to ensure that it’s the right one for your project.

How to Download the Chart

Downloading the UNC thread chart PDF is simple and free. Just click on the link below and you’ll be taken to our download page. The PDF file is ready to be printed or saved for later use.

Download UNC Thread Chart PDF

We hope this thread chart PDF proves to be useful for your projects. If you have any questions or need help finding the right thread size, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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