Girl Scout Flag Ceremony – (PRINTABLE SCRIPT AND GUIDE)

Girl Scout Flag Ceremony – (PRINTABLE SCRIPT AND GUIDE)

The Flag Ceremony is an important part of the Girl Scouts’ program. It signifies loyalty towards the American flag, a symbol of freedom in our country. To help you plan for a successful and memorable ceremony, here is a comprehensive guide.

How to Prepare a Flag Ceremony

  • Choose a suitable location for the ceremony. It should be a place with enough space for your group and any special guests for the occasion.
  • Gather any necessary items for the ceremony, such as flags, patriotic music, and a script.
  • If necessary, recruit or appoint people to serve in the Color Guard and as Memorizers.
  • Practice the ceremony in advance to ensure everyone is familiar with their roles and the overall script.

Ceremony Script

The following is an example of a script for a flag ceremony. It can be adjusted or modified to suit your group’s individual needs.

  • Color Guard: The U.S. flag is presented.
  • Girl Scouts: Rise and face the flag.
  • Memorizers: Recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Color Guard: The U.S. flag is lowered.
  • Girl Scouts: Remain standing at attention.
  • Color Guard: The U.S. flag is returned to its place.
  • Girl Scouts: Return to your seats.

Possible Commands for a Flag Ceremony

The following are some possible commands you can issue for a flag ceremony:

  • “Color guard, advance.” This command signals the beginning of the ceremony.
  • “Girl Scouts, attention.” Used to announce that the flag ceremony is to begin.
  • “Memorizers, recite.” Used to signal the memorizers to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • “Color guard, dismiss.” Used to signal the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • “Girl Scouts, dismissed.” Used to indicate that the ceremony is over and the Girl Scouts can return to their previous duties.


The Flag Ceremony is an important part of the Girl Scouts program. It is a chance to demonstrate the importance of the American flag and show respect for our country. With a little bit of planning and practice, you can create a memorable and successful ceremony for your group.

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