Citizenship in the World Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

The Citizenship in the World Merit Badge is designed to teach Boy Scouts about their civic duties as citizens. Earning this badge requires Scouts to gain an understanding of international communities, the role of the United States in a global environment, and the responsibilities they have to their country. Scouts will learn the skills and make the personal commitment necessary to become informed and contributing citizens in the global society.


  • Be an active Boy Scout.
  • Do the following:

    1. Discuss with your counselor the importance of being active in your community and what it means to be a responsible citizen of your community, nation, and the world. Explain the rights, duties, and obligations of citizenship.
    2. Explain the importance of staying informed about local, national, and world issues.
    3. Discuss the links between local government and state, national, and international laws, and how they affect you.
    4. Describe the responsibilities of a citizen of the United States and tell how you can demonstrate these responsibilities.
    5. Discuss the importance of getting involved in the political process.
    6. Explain the difference in the roles and responsibilities of local, state, and national governments.
    7. Explain the roles and responsibilities of citizens in their local, state, and national governments.
    8. Explain how the U.S. Constitution establishes a system of rules for our nation.
    9. Describe the importance of fair elections, and what it takes to have an effective and fair election.
    10. Describe the major international organizations and what they do.
    11. Do TWO of the following:

      1. Attend a city, county, state, or federal government meeting, visit a place where public policy is discussed or made, or listen to a political speech or radio broadcast.
      2. Explain the differences between diplomacy, foreign aid, and military actions.
      3. Discuss the importance and benefits of international trade.
      4. Research how a current international issue is being addressed and report your findings to your counselor.


You can download the Citizenship in the World Merit Badge Worksheet here to help you keep track of your progress as you work on the merit badge.


By earning the Citizenship in the World Merit Badge, Scouts will have a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens, and will be prepared to make a positive contribution to the world around them.

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