Scouting Activities and Games (FREE SCOUTING ACTIVITIES)

Scouting activities are some of the most important experiences for children and young people. Scouting activities help teach lifelong skills such as team-building, problem-solving, and outdoor preparedness. Activities can also provide valuable life lessons such as diligence, responsibility, and self-sufficiency. Here are some great free scouting activities that will help your scouts build their skills and gain valuable life lessons.

Outdoor Skits

Outdoor skits are great ice-breakers and team-building experiences. Have your scouts break into small groups and then assign each group a skit to perform. This is great for boosting morale and working together as a team. Make sure to practice the skits beforehand so the group is prepared.

Nature Hikes

Organizing a nature hike is a great way to get your scouts out of their comfort zones and into nature. Have your scouts identify different types of plants and animals, and also challenge them to find certain physical features in their surroundings. Taking pictures during the hike is also a great way to document the experience.

Outdoor Cooking

Let your group experience the great outdoors by having them cook their own meals! Have each scout come up with a meal plan for their group, and then teach them how to cook a meal over an open flame or hot coals. This activity is great for learning about nutrition, and it also teaches a valuable life skill.

Campfire Games

Campfire games are a great way to end a scouting session. Have your scouts gather around the campfire and then assign a game to each group. Make sure to keep things relevant to the purpose of the scouting organization, such as discussions about character building or teamwork. This will help your scouts bond and reinforce the lessons they have learned during the day.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get your scouts outdoors and exploring. Have your scouts divide into teams and then assign each team a list of items that need to be found. By completing the hunt, scouts will gain a better understanding of their environment and learn the importance of working together.

Star Gazing

Star gazing is a great way for your scouts to appreciate the beauty of nature and explore the night sky. Have your scouts look up at the stars and explore constellations or planets. This activity is also great for teaching your scouts about the importance of respecting the environment.


Orienteering is a great way to test a scout’s navigational skills. Have your scouts use a compass and map to find their way to a specific destination. This is a great way to learn the basics of navigation and also encourage scouts to think critically and problem-solve.

Emergency Preparedness

Teaching your scouts about emergency preparedness is a crucial life lesson. Have your scouts complete a mock emergency drill that simulates a real-life emergency situation. You can also have them create emergency kits and discuss what items would be necessary in the event of an emergency.

Make a Difference Creations

Make a Difference Creations is an activity that uses creative thinking to make small differences in the world. Have your scouts use recycled materials to create something that can benefit the environment or help people in need. This is a great way to teach scouts about responsibility and community involvement.

These free scouting activities are a great way to teach scouts important life lessons and boost morale. Remember to always plan ahead and ensure that each activity is relevant to the scouting organization’s purpose. Have fun, and keep scouting!

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