Embroidery Thread Conversion Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Embroidery Thread Conversion Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

If you’re an embroiderer, you know how important it is to select the right thread colors to achieve the desired effect. But what if you want to switch brands, or create a multiple brand design? With the help of embroidery thread conversion charts, you can easily convert one brand of thread to another. Below is a free downloadable embroidery thread conversion chart PDF that you can print for easy reference.

ThreadArt Embroidery Thread Conversion Chart

ThreadArt’s embroidery thread conversion chart provides a color-coded comparison of 220 machine embroidery thread colors across multiple brands. ThreadArt’s conversion chart includes color numbers, swatches, and brand-to-brand thread conversions – helping you find the perfect match for your project. View the ThreadArt embroidery thread conversion chart PDF here.

DMC to Anchor Embroidery Floss Conversion Chart PDF

The DMC to Anchor embroidery floss conversion chart is a handy guide to help you convert DMC floss colors to Anchor floss colors. It also includes color swatches and conversion information for other brands like Cosmo, Madeira, and Sullivans. Head over to Pinterest and download your free printable PDF here.

BFC Creations Thread Conversion Chart

The BFC Creations thread conversion chart will guide you through the process of switching from BF Polyester thread to Isacord Polyester thread. It’s quick and easy to reference this helpful chart. Download your free printable thread conversion chart from NeedlePointers here.

These free downloadable embroidery thread conversion chart PDFs can help you quickly find the perfect colors for every project. With the click of a button, you can easily print out a reference chart to make sure you’re choosing the right colors every time.

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