Girl Scout Ceremony Packet – (GIRL SCOUT CEREMONIES GUIDE)

Girl Scout Ceremony Packet – (GIRL SCOUT CEREMONIES GUIDE)

Girl Scout Ceremony Packet – (Girl Scout Ceremonies Guide)

The Girl Scouts of the USA offer a unique and challenging experience to young girls and their families through their ceremonies. Girl Scout ceremonies are held to commemorate special achievements and milestones, honor the contributions of members, and promote the values and objectives of the organization. In order to help you plan and conduct a successful ceremony, the Girl Scouts of the USA have developed this Girl Scout Ceremony Packet.

About the Packet

The Girl Scout Ceremony Packet is your guide to help you create meaningful Girl Scout ceremonies. It includes information on preparing for and conducting a ceremony, Girl Scout symbols and their meanings, flag ceremonies, opening/closing ceremonies, front and backings, and various other Girl Scout ceremonies. This packet also contains symbols, stories, and poems that can be used to create unique ceremonies that honor the traditions and values of Girl Scouts.

Girl Scout Ceremony Occasions

Girl Scout ceremonies are often used to celebrate special occasions, such as bridging or the earning of awards. There are a variety of occasions when a Girl Scout ceremony could be used, including holidays, Girl Scout anniversaries, new beginnings, dedications, and other special events. These ceremonies can also be used for leadership and team-building opportunities or to introduce new members into the organization.

Designing Your Ceremony

When designing your own Girl Scout Ceremony, there are a few key elements to consider. First, decide on the type of ceremony. Is it a flag ceremony, opening or closing ceremony, or a unique ceremony to honor a specific achievement? Next, determine the audience for the ceremony. Is the ceremony for the whole troop or just the new members? Finally, decide on the symbols and readings that will be used in the ceremony. Select symbols that will be meaningful to the audience, such as the Girl Scout Promise, the Girl Scout Law, and symbols that remind them of the values of Girl Scouts.


Girl Scout ceremonies offer an opportunity to honor the hard work and dedication of the girls and their families. With the help of the Girl Scout Ceremony Packet, you can create unique and meaningful ceremonies to commemorate the special moments in a Girl Scout’s life. The Girl Scout Ceremony Packet offers guidance and inspiration for designing the perfect ceremony that will be remembered for years to come.

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