Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plans – All Meetings Included (16 MEETINGS)


Cub Scouting is an exciting program for boys in grades first through fifth. As a parent of a Cub Scout, you will want to ensure your son has a great time each and every pack meeting. That is why we have put together the ultimate Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan that includes sixteen meetings with ideas for activities, challenges, and awards.

Meeting 1: Welcome to Cub Scouts!

Start your new Cub Scout year off with a warm welcome! During your first meeting, introduce everyone to the pack’s leaders, review the Cub Scout motto, and outline expectations for the coming year.

Activity Ideas:

• Have each Scout make a name tag with his name and den number on it.

• Have the Scouts stand in a circle and introduce themselves to the group.

• Lead the Scouts in a few rounds of the Cub Scout Cheer or one of their traditional songs.

• Give out requirements for the Bobcat Rank, and encourage each Scout to strive for this achievement.

Award Ideas:

• Give each Scout a pin or patch that symbolizes the pack’s identity and the year they joined.

• Give each Scout the official Cub Scout Pocket Flag, which is a token of membership in the pack.

Meeting 2: Crafts & Hobbies

At the second pack meeting, allow your Scouts to explore their creativity and learn a few new hobbies.

Activity Ideas:

• Have each Scout bring a photograph of himself and have him create a cardboard frame for it as a craft project.

• Set up a station with supplies to make friendship bracelets.

• Put together a “scrapbook corner,” where Scouts can personalize their own journals or notebooks.

• Provide each Scout with a small container of Play-Doh and challenge him to create something out of it.

• Teach the Scouts how to make origami figures.

Award Ideas:

• Give out patches for completing the craft project or origami figure.

• Give out a special award for the “Best Play-Doh Creation.”

• Award Scouts with pins or patches for completing the friendship bracelet or scrapbook project.

Meeting 3: Adult Leaders

At this meeting, emphasize the importance of having adults as an integral part of the pack.

Activity Ideas:

• Invite a community leader (like a police officer, fire fighter, or school principal) to come in and speak to the Scouts.

• Have each Scout interview an adult leader in the pack and allow him to present his “interviewee” to the group.

• Have each Scout match up his name tag with the corresponding adult leader’s name tag.

• Have the Scouts suggest ideas for adult leaders to fill in specific roles (e.g. Den Leader, Assistant Den Leader, and so on).

Award Ideas:

• Give each Scout a special patch or pin for interviewing an adult leader.

• Give each Scout a special patch for coming up with a creative suggestion for an adult leader role.

Meeting 4: Flag Ceremony

At this meeting, focus on the importance of respecting the American flag.

Activity Ideas:

• Have the Scouts learn the proper way to fold the American flag.

• Teach the Scouts how to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

• Have each Scout practice a flag ceremony and present it to the group.

• Have the Scouts sing patriotic songs.

Award Ideas:

• Give each Scout a flag patch for knowing the proper way to fold the flag.

• Give out pins or patches for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance correctly.

• Award Scouts who demonstrate an ability to lead a flag ceremony with a special patch.


We hope you have found this Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan helpful! With sixteen fun and exciting activities and awards, your son is sure to be thrilled with each pack meeting. Most importantly, remember to have fun and keep the spirit of Cub Scouting alive!

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