Papel Picado Template PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Papel Picado Template PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Papel picado is a Mexican folk art form of cutting tissue paper into intricate designs. Get creative and celebrate Latin American culture with this free printable papel picado template. We’ve included instructions and materials below, so you can create your own papel picado masterpiece!


Step 1: Download the Papel Picado Template

The template is available here: Papel-Picado-Template-and-Instructions.pdf

Print the template on plain white paper.

Step 2: Cut the Tissue Paper

Cut tissue paper or plastic table cover to fit the template. You will need enough to cover the entire template. If using tissue paper, cut 3 or 4 sheets to fit the template. Place the sheets on top of each other.

Step 3: Secure the Template and Tissue Paper

Place the template underneath the tissue paper stack and secure with clothespins or binder clips. Make sure that the tissue paper is secured tight to the template.

Step 4: Cut the Design

Using the template as a guide, carefully cut out the design with a sharp craft knife. Cut out the entire design, including the background.

Step 5: Display your Papel Picado

Once the design is cut, remove the template and display your papel picado! Hang it up or display it on a table. It is sure to bring a vibrant and festive flair to any room.


Now that you have a papel picado template PDF, you can create your own papel picado masterpiece. Download the template for free and get creative!

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