Tenderfoot Requirements – Boy Scouts (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Are you looking to become a Boy Scout? The first step is to earn the rank of Tenderfoot. This comprehensive guide will cover all the Tenderfoot Requirements, from Knot-Tying to Fitness. So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

Knowledge Requirements

When it comes to becoming a Boy Scout, knowledge is key. The following are the knowledge requirements for the Tenderfoot rank:

  • Discuss the Boy Scout Law and explain what it means.
  • Describe the Scout Oath, Scout Motto, and Scout Slogan.
  • Name the parts of the Scout uniform and explain when it is appropriate to wear them.
  • Demonstrate the proper methods of folding and carrying the U.S. flag.
  • Describe the principles of Leave No Trace.

Skills Requirements

The Tenderfoot rank also requires a set of skills. Here are the skills requirements for the Tenderfoot rank:

  • Demonstrate proper procedures while cooking over a fire.
  • Demonstrate proper techniques for safe and responsible horseback riding.
  • Demonstrate basic campground set up, including tent pitching and proper backcountry tenting etiquette.
  • Demonstrate proper knot tying, lashings, and hitches.
  • Demonstrate basic first aid.

Fitness Requirements

Being a Boy Scout requires a certain level of physical fitness. The following are the fitness requirements for the Tenderfoot rank:

  • Demonstrate proper swimming techniques.
  • Perform basic running, jumping, and tumbling exercises.
  • Demonstrate basic climbing techniques and safety.
  • Climb a rope with a minimum of 10 feet.
  • Complete a 1-mile run in 15 minutes or less.
  • Completion of the 50-yard obstacle course in 8 minutes or less.


Now you know the Tenderfoot requirements for the Boy Scouts. So go out there and start exploring. Put your knowledge and skills to good use, and don’t forget to stay fit and have fun! Good luck and happy scouting!

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