Which Of The Following Would Be Considered A Fomite?

A fomite is an object or substance that can be a vector for transferring pathogens between individuals, usually through shared contact. Generally, fomites are inanimate objects, but in certain cases, living entities can also be considered fomites. Knowing which of the following objects would be considered fomites is important for preventing the spread of infectious disease.

Types of Fomites

  • Clothing: Clothing such as shirts, pants, and hats can carry infectious pathogens and act as a fomite.
  • Household Items: Common household items like doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls are frequent fomites, as they may be touched by multiple people.
  • Non-Porous Surfaces: Non-porous surfaces like tables and countertops can act as fomites, especially if multiple people use them without first cleaning and disinfecting them.
  • Animals: While most fomites are inanimate, certain animals can also act as fomites. For example, a pet that has been in contact with an infected person can carry the pathogen and act as a fomite.

Given the prevalence of fomites, it is important to take steps to reduce the potential spread of infectious disease. Frequent hand-washing, cleaning, and disinfecting of potentially contaminated surfaces are essential for limiting the spread of fomites.

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