What Does The Dog, Argus, Represent In This Excerpt?

Argus is a faithful dog in Greek mythology who is famously known for being the guardian of Io, a mistress of Zeus, the chief of the gods. In this excerpt, Argus is being represented as a stalwart figure who is always watchful and prepared to protect his owner. In Greek mythology, Argus was said to have had a hundred eyes, which gave him near-omniscience and the ability to watch over the nymph without ever needing to rest.

Argus was a symbol of loyalty and vigilance, and in this excerpt he is portrayed as such. His presence in the excerpt demonstrates his undying loyalty to Io, and hints at his vigilance and dedication to always keeping a watchful eye on her. Argus was not just an ordinary dog, but rather a protector, an ally, and an unyielding companion to Io. His presence in the excerpt is meant to demonstrate the great love and devotion which could be shown by an animal to its owner.

Argus is also a symbol of perseverance and strength. His watchful eye and willingness to protect Io from harm are a testament to his courage and endurance. He is a reminder that even the most faithful of companions can be a source of strength and resolve when times are tough.

In conclusion, the dog Argus in this excerpt is a representation of loyalty, vigilance, perseverance, and strength. His presence speaks to the powerful bond between an animal and its owner, and the great love and devotion which can be shown by a pet. He is also a reminder of the courage and strength which can exist even in the most faithful of companions.

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