Which Details Give Explicit Examples Of Starvation During Elizabethan Times? Check All That Apply.

Elizabethan times were a tumultuous period in English history, marked by tremendous upheaval and hardship. During this time, many people suffered from starvation due to a combination of factors such as crop failures, poverty, and class disparities. The following are some of the key details that give explicit examples of starvation during Elizabethan times:

  • Famine: One of the most obvious examples of starvation during Elizabethan times was famine. Famine was caused by a number of factors, including extreme weather patterns, infestations, poor agricultural practices, and government policies. As a result, many people suffered from lack of food, leading to acute malnutrition and death.
  • Food Shortages: In addition to famine, many areas experienced severe food shortages due to economic downturns and poverty. This led to a significant increase in prices of food, as well as a decrease in the availability of food, leading to many people not having enough food to eat. The impact of food shortages was felt especially acutely by the lower classes, as they were often the ones hardest hit by food insecurity.
  • Rationing: The government also imposed rationing on food during Elizabethan times. This rationing was especially severe in areas where food was scarce, leading to many people not being able to acquire enough food to feed themselves. This, coupled with the increased prices of food, created a situation where many people could not feed themselves adequately.
  • Child Mortality: Another indication of the level of starvation during Elizabethan times was the high number of child mortalities. Many children were malnourished and lacked access to proper healthcare, leading to a high mortality rate. This was especially true for lower-class children, who were more likely to suffer from malnutrition and poverty-related illnesses.

Overall, Elizabethan times were an extremely difficult period for many people, with starvation being a major issue. The key details mentioned above provide explicit examples of the conditions during this time, highlighting the dire situation that many faced.

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