Once In The Brain, Alcohol Affects All Of These Critical Skills Except:

Alcohol affects many of the critical skills needed for everyday life. It can cause people to lose their ability to focus and think logically. It can also impair judgment and decision-making abilities. Once alcohol enters the brain, it impairs many areas of the brain, including the ability to:

  • Drive a vehicle safely
  • Focus attention
  • Remember information
  • Make rational decisions
  • Judge distances and speed
  • Process language and language comprehension

The one critical skill that alcohol does not affect is the ability to smell. The sense of smell is much less likely to be altered or impaired by alcohol. While alcohol may cause some people to be more sensitive to smells, it primarily affects the other critical skills mentioned above.

Alcohol abuse can lead to serious problems such as addiction, depression, and even death. If someone is drinking too much, it is important to get help so that they can learn to manage their alcohol consumption and limit any potential damage to their brain or body.

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