Cadette Silver Award Guide

Cadette Silver Award Guide

The Cadette Silver Award is a significant milestone for Girl Scouts, and a measure of how much one has grown over their scouting years. Earning it is a proud accomplishment for any Girl Scout, but it doesn’t come easy. Here’s a guide to help you complete the Cadette Silver Award and join an elite group of Girl Scouts.

Step 1: Work with an Adult Partner

The first step in completing your Silver Award is to find an adult partner who can mentor you and help you throughout the process. This could be your troop leader, a parent, or another adult of your choice. Your adult partner will work with you to choose a Take Action project and provide emotional and practical support.

Step 2: Choose a Take Action Project

Once you have an adult partner, you can begin to plan your Take Action project. Your project must focus on one of the Girl Scout leadership outcomes, and it must benefit an external audience. Your project should also have an educational component, and it can involve other Girl Scouts as well.

Step 3: Complete the Requirements

Once you have chosen your Take Action project, you must complete the following requirements before you can earn your Silver Award:

  • Develop a plan of action and timeline for your project.
  • Gather a team of like-minded volunteers.
  • Secure the necessary materials and/or resources.
  • Research and identify the outcome measures of your project.
  • Complete the project and evaluate the project’s success.
  • Document your project in a meaningful way.

Step 4: Earn Your Silver Award

Once you have completed all the requirements for your Take Action project, you can submit your project to be reviewed and approved by your local council. Once your project has been approved, you will receive your Silver Award pin and have the honor of being recognized as a Silver Award recipient.


Completing the Cadette Silver Award is an incredible accomplishment, and one that you should be proud of! You’ve shown dedication and hard work in completing your Take Action project, and that effort will serve you well as you continue your journey in Girl Scouts.

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