Inclusive Graces Songs – (GIRL SCOUT SONG ACTIVITIES)

Inclusive Graces Songs –
(Girl Scout Song Activities)

Graces songs are an important part of Girl Scout culture, providing a fun way for Scouts to practice self-expression while strengthening the bond between their peers. But Girl Scouts shouldn’t feel limited to traditional graces songs; there are many options available that are accessible and inclusive to Scouts of all backgrounds.

Creating an Inclusive Graces Song Activity

When planning a graces song activity, make sure to consider the interests and abilities of all scouts. Involvement can be kept low-key, with Scouts being given the opportunity to write or come up with their own graces songs. This encourages individual expression and helps Scouts to see the value in their own creativity.

It’s also important to emphasize the themes of inclusion, respect and cooperation. Have Scouts come up with graces songs that celebrate diversity and foster positive relationships. This can be done by having Scouts brainstorm ideas, such as having Scouts focus on topics such as making friends, teamwork, and being kind to one another.

Having a variety of instruments available for the Scouts to use can also help make the activity more inclusive. Traditional graces songs can be adapted to include different kinds of instruments, which can provide a more exciting experience. Additionally, you can connect the activity to other Girl Scout activities, such as nature hikes, campfire stories, and outdoor music.

Examples of Inclusive Graces Songs

When writing or creating graces songs, make sure they are age appropriate and positive, with lyrics that emphasize a spirit of inclusivity. Here are some examples of inclusive graces songs that are great for Girl Scouts:

  • “My Friends We Shine” – Celebrate friendship and equality with this song about how everyone’s special qualities make them special
  • “What a Beautiful World” – This song encourages Scouts to appreciate the beauty of nature and its diversity
  • “We All Belong” – A song that emphasizes the power of unity and being kind to one another, no matter our differences
  • “Sing Out” – This song celebrates the joy of singing together and how it can bring us closer
  • “Let’s Work Together” – Encourage Scouts to value collaboration and hard work with this upbeat song

Making Graces Songs Personal

In addition to picking a song from the list above or singing traditional graces songs, Girl Scouts can also write their own graces songs. This allows them to draw on their own experiences and perspectives, creating songs that are truly special and unique. This is a great opportunity for Scouts to put their own thoughts and feelings into words and express it in a song.

Ultimately, graces songs should be a fun and meaningful activity, one that allows Scouts to grow and learn while celebrating equality and inclusion. So let your Girl Scouts get creative and have fun with their graces songs!

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