Girl Scouts is an organization that exists to empower young girls to become leaders in their communities. The organization has been around since 1912 and is one of the most recognized non-profits in the world. As part of the organization, girls work through different levels to receive special badges and patches they can proudly display. Here is the ultimate guide to the Girl Scout patches and levels.

Girl Scout Levels

Girl Scouts is organized into different levels, each with their own set of activities, badges, and patches. Here is an overview of the levels:

  • Daisy: Daisies are the youngest level of Girl Scouts, typically in kindergarten or first grade. They work their way through different projects and activities to earn special patches and badges.
  • Brownie: Brownies are in second and third grades. They explore new topics and work on projects that help them learn more about the world around them.
  • Junior: Juniors are in fourth and fifth grades. They work on activities that help them develop leadership skills and explore new interests.
  • Cadette: Cadettes are in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. They work on projects to help them develop important skills such as goal setting and problem solving.
  • Senior: Seniors are in ninth and tenth grades. They have the opportunity to plan community service projects and work on activities that help them become independent.
  • Ambassador: Ambassadors are in eleventh and twelfth grades. They work on projects to help them develop complete professional skills they can use in college and the workplace.

Girl Scout Patches

As they move through the levels, Girl Scouts receive special patches and badges. Patches and badges are earned for completing activities related to the different levels. Each patch or badge has its own unique design and color to signify what level or activity it was earned for. Some patches and badges are even awarded for special accomplishments.

At the end of each level, Girl Scouts will receive a special patch that signifies they have completed the level. The patch includes the level name and a special design unique to the level. For example, the Daisy patch is yellow with daisy petals and the Brownie patch is brown with a bee.

The patches and badges are a great way for Girl Scouts to show off their accomplishments. They can proudly show off their patches and badges on their uniforms or on their backpacks.


Girl Scouts is an amazing organization that teaches girls leadership, problem-solving, and other important skills. Part of the organization includes working through different levels and earning special patches and badges. This guide provides an overview of the levels and patches and badges that Girl Scouts receive.

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