In An E-Credit Card Transaction, The Clearinghouse

In An E-Credit Card Transaction, The Clearinghouse

An electronic credit card transaction clearinghouse serves as an important middleman between merchants and card issuers. The process of transferring funds between a merchant and an issuing bank is known as clearing. Without an intermediary, the two entities would not be able to communicate and complete the transaction. Here’s how it works:

The Process:

  • The customer swipes their credit card or enters their information online to complete a purchase.
  • The merchant sends the request to the clearinghouse, along with information like the customer’s name, the sale amount, and the account number.
  • The clearinghouse identifies the issuing bank, verifies the customer’s identity, and ensures that the customer has sufficient funds to cover the purchase.
  • The issuing bank either approves or denies the request and sends the response back to the clearinghouse.
  • The clearinghouse sends the response to the merchant.
  • If the transaction is approved, the merchant sends the purchased item to the customer and the amount is deducted from the customer’s account.
  • The clearinghouse transfers the funds from the issuing bank to the merchant.

The clearinghouse is a vital component in the processing of credit card transactions. Without its services, merchants and card issuers would be unable to process transactions and provide goods and services to customers.

The process of clearing electronic credit card transactions is highly secure. All sensitive customer information is encrypted for protection. Additionally, the clearinghouse and its network of merchants and card issuers comply with security standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), to ensure secure electronic transactions.

The clearinghouse helps to reduce costs and processing times, since it eliminates the need for manual payment processing. It also streamlines the payment process, allowing merchants and card issuers to focus more on providing goods and services and less time on managing payment processing.

The clearinghouse plays an important role in the processing of electronic credit card transactions. By streamlining the process and providing a secure environment, it helps to ensure that merchants and card issuers are able to provide customers with a reliable and efficient way to pay for goods and services.

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