Hidden Figures Movie Worksheet PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Are you excited to watch the critically-acclaimed movie Hidden Figures? To make the movie-viewing experience even more fulfilling, you can use our free printable Hidden Figures Movie Worksheet PDF.

This worksheet can help you and your family keep track of the events that take place in the movie and stimulate discussion about the topics addressed in the movie. Questions like “What were the main characters’ backgrounds?”, “What obstacles did they face?”, “What challenges did they have to overcome?”, and “How did they succeed in spite of the odds?” are all included in the worksheet.


Simply download the PDF file of the Hidden Figures Movie Worksheet. Print it out and let the movie-viewing begin! Once the movie is over, take some time to answer the questions in the worksheet. This worksheet will help to bring out the deeper meanings and themes in the movie.


Our Hidden Figures Movie Worksheet PDF can help you and your family have a memorable movie night. Not only will you enjoy the movie, but you will also gain an understanding of the obstacles faced by the women in the movie, as well as the perseverance and hard work it took for them to succeed. This worksheet can also be a great educational tool for students, as they can learn about the history of the space race and the role of African-American women in the success of the mission.

So don’t wait! Download our free printable Hidden Figures Movie Worksheet PDF today and let the fun begin!

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