The Plumbing Merit Badge is a great way to learn how to maintain your home’s plumbing system. This badge helps Scouts learn the importance of proper maintenance and safety when it comes to their home’s water supply. It also teaches them the basics of how a plumbing system works. To earn the Plumbing Merit Badge, Scouts must complete specific requirements, as outlined in the merit badge worksheet.


  • Explain what a plumbing system is, what its purpose is, and the types of fixtures used in a typical system.
  • Explain and demonstrate the proper maintenance of a plumbing system.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the rules and regulations that relate to plumbing in your local community.
  • Show how a plumbing system works through a hands-on project or presentation.
  • Explain the potential dangers associated with plumbing.


Scouts can download the Plumbing Merit Badge worksheet here. This worksheet will help them track their progress and ensure that they complete all the requirements for the merit badge. As they complete each requirement, they should write out the exact steps they took to complete it.

The worksheet also includes a section for the Counselor or Plumber to sign off on each requirement. This provides the Scout with verification that they have indeed completed the task correctly.


By completing the Plumbing Merit Badge, Scouts will learn how to maintain their home’s plumbing system, the basics of how it works, and the importance of safety. They’ll also understand the rules and regulations of plumbing in their local community and how to avoid any potential dangers. The worksheet provided will help them track their progress and document their accomplishments.

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