Router Bit Speed Chart PDF

Router Bit Speed Chart PDF

Router bits are used for cutting and shaping wood and other materials for a wide range of applications. As such, it is important to use the correct speed to maximize efficiency and minimize wear while adhering to safety standards. To ensure you are using your router bits correctly, it is important to refer to a Router Bit Speed Chart.

Freud Router Bit Speed Chart

When using Freud router bits, it is important to follow their speed recommendations for safety and performance. An up to date speed chart can be found here.

The chart shows the speeds for Freud router bits in wood and aluminum. It also has a section at the bottom with specific speeds for certain bit designs.

Amanatool Spoilboard 2+2-Speed-Chart

For using Flycutter, Leveler & Surface Planer Router Bits, Amanatool has a speed chart that can be found here. The chart shows how to calculate RPM and feed rate for these three router bits, as well as the recommended cutting speeds in linear feet per minute.

Woodcraft Shop Chart

Woodcraft has a speed chart specific to router bits, located here.

The chart lists the maximum speeds for router bits based on their diameter and includes a small section with general guidelines. The suggested speed range is 22,000 to 24,000 RPM for router bits of up to 1”, with the general rule being that “the bigger the bit, the slower the operating speed”.

Using one of the provided router bit speed charts is the best way to ensure that your router bits are used safely and with optimal performance. Be sure to carefully review the charts for the type of router bit you are using, and adhere to any manufacturer-specific speed recommendations included on the charts.

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